Sunday, December 20, 2015

Long overdue,

Happy Holidays to everyone and all the Best in the New Year.

I would like to thank the Corporations and Families that chose us to fulfill their catering needs, and patronizing us at Festivals.

2015 started out with the spring PSU Altoona Arts Festival and concluded with fall Apple Cider Festival at Glendale Lake, with our best year of catering in between,   so much that with other commitments and circumstances we where unable to do any
Parking Lot BBQ's in Ebensburg or Cresson.  I do miss that, it is the best way to promote, and bring our BBQ to the public and see many friends.

2016 may bring some changes, I am looking into, working togeather with a local catering business
to provide our product for them as well as keeping our current catering plans moving forward.
Nothing set in stone, have to work out some details.

The past 6 years flew by so fast,  Lessons learned,  Friends made, Happy customers,
Continued patronage,  And always seving Great BBQ.

Thank you,


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