Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Back to back weekends a success !
We where in Ebensburg on June 10-11 and 17 -18, while I was skeptical about being back to back , you our customers,followers proved me wrong. I thank you all who stopped by and enjoyed our Barbeque. We had a little issue with the weather on the first Friday evening, thanks to all who helped us ride the storm out. But the other days we enjoyed great weather. It is always nice to see return customers and familiar faces. I have a question for you , is there enough demand to be in town for a Fri, Sat, Sun, ?? Let me know.
We plan to be back in Ebensburg on July 15-16
We will be in Colver for There Centennial on July 2-3 , if you can stop by and see us there.

Thanks for looking in,
Hope to serve you soon,


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